Aquablanc A combination liquid 1ltr


Chlorine Free Sanitisation
Promotes Soft & Gentle Water
Used with Aquablanc 02 Tablets


Aquablanc A Combination Liquid is part of a non-chlorine active oxygen system used in conjunction with the Aquablanc 02 tablets. This system is great for those who have a sensitivity to chlorine. Requires a weekly dose (or weekly top-up)

Aquablanc promotes gentle and soft chlorine-free water for your hot tub or spa. Aquablanc makes for a great alternative dosing chemical if chlorine or bromine sanitiser causes skin irritation.

Application Instructions

  1. Before converting a spa onto the Aquablanc system, it is recommended that the spa is drained, re-filled and then oxidised with a shock chlorine product (e.g. Spa Rapid Shock). Brand new spas require an initial chlorine shock or start-up dose of 20mg/l(ppm) of free chlorine circulated for a minimum of 2.5 hours.
  2. Maintain pH levels within the ideal range 7.0 – 7.4.
  3. Initial Dose: Add 60ml Aquablanc A Combination Liquid and 2 Aquablanc O2 Tablets per 1,500 litres of spa water.
  4. Continuous Treatment: Add weekly, 15ml Aquablanc A Combination Liquid per 1,500 litres of spa water.
  5. Aquablanc A Combination Liquid can be added directly to your spa water whilst the spa pump(s) are turned ‘on’ to aid distribution.
  6. Aquablanc O2 Tablets should be dosed via a floating dispenser.
  7. Test the oxygen level 1 hour after application of O2 Tablets.  The oxygen level should be between 5 – 10mg/l(ppm).
  8. A weekly application of AquaSPArkle Spa Fusion is recommended.

General Precautions – Dosing

  • Never mix with other chemicals including household cleaners as a dangerous reaction may occur.


  • Handle products in a well ventilated area – preferably outdoors.
  • Wash Hands after use.
  • Ensure lid is replaced and sealed after use. – Store in a cool, dry place.


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