Hydro Resistance Belt


Hydro Resistance Belt Features:

  • Neutral buoyancy
  • Ergonomic design
  • Aides in resistance training
  • Easy fit
  • Quick release clip


The weighted Life Spa Resistance Belt worn around your core will enhance your aquatic workout by increasing resistance, helping to burn more calories and improve your fitness.

Resistance workouts in water are a great low-impact way of improving your fitness, muscle strength and building endurance.  Add the Life Spa Resistance Belt to your regime to increase the positive effects of your workout routine.

The Life Spa Resistance Belt is made from a high-density material for neutral buoyancy while performing cardiovascular or strength training in the water.  The contoured, ergonomic design supports the lower back whilst the adjustable belt allows for a custom fit complete with an easy on/off quick-release clip.

Care Instructions: Rinse in fresh water and allow to dry naturally after each use.  Avoid placing in direct sunlight.

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