Oasis Pure Blue Anti-Bacterial Filter


Compatible with all Oasis Spas hot tubs & swim spas

Twin Filtration? Why not order 2 filters for free UK mainland delivery?


The Oasis Pure Blue Anti-Bacterial Filter fits all Hot Tubs & Swim Spas in the Oasis Spas range!

The filter catches debris and bacteria in your Hot Tub meaning fewer bacteria and odours and less cleaning. The Oasis Pure Blue Anti-Bacterial Filter will keep your hot tub water clean and crystal clear as well as increase the life of the filter.

Usage Breakdown:

Filter Area 35 Square Feet
Length 21cm
Diameter 15cm
Thread Snap on
For Use in Oasis Spas Range

Recommended Use:

At A6 Hot Tubs, ee recommend always keeping two sets of filters. Pop in a new set of filters while you soak and clean your original filter set overnight. The next time you need to change your new filters, use the original ones you have recently cleaned. This gives the filters enough time to dry thoroughly between uses and means they’ll last longer, saving you in the long run.

You’ll need to purchase new filters when the filter begins to become discoloured or worn down.

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