LX H30-RS1 3.0KW 1.5 inch heater With Thermoregulator


LX H30-RS1 3.0KW 1.5 inch spa heater With Thermoregulator. Can be used with most Chinese spas and perfect for bespoke projects. Call our advisers for help and advice.


Type of Product: Heater assembly
Manufacturer: LX
Power: Volts: 240vac
Hz: 50/60
KW: 3.0
Amps: 13.4
Specifications: Sensor compatibility: Sensor built in, the heater is controlled by a thermoregulator on the side of the module.
Material spec: Plastic
Required flow rate: Set by the pressure switch, this switch will need to be pressurised, if it runs straight to a big bore outlet with no bends, there will be no back pressure and it may not work. Pressure switch operated by an extra cord.
Compatible With: Most Chinese spas with a small plumbing change or can be used as a remote heater on a bespoke project
Connections & Fixings: 1.5″ white plastic female sockets to connect to plumbing
Dimensions: Length:
Diameter: 50 mm
Between terminals: 120 mm
Overall length complete: 340 mm
Additional Notes: High-limit thermal cutout built in. This unit is rated IPX5 and has CE approval.

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