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The Riptide Easylife Pro 6.0 is a swim spa provided through Oasis Spas combining the best of the Oasis spas build and Riptide quality. These revolutionary swim spas offer unbeatable Oasis insulation with built-in Riptide adaptive flow controls powered through inverter pumps.

The Riptide Easylife Pro 6.0 swim spa comes with the Riptide revolutionary, patented 3-inch turbo swim jets that provide a powerful yet smooth resistance for an unparalleled swim. Correct jet positioning is crucial. Riptide swim jets target the shoulders and chest to create maximum resistance. Unlike some other brands, all Riptide swim spas use a dedicated high-power pump for each swim jet.

The new inverter system inside every Riptide Easylife swim spa allows you to use the 3.5hp variable speed pumps and a 3″ water jet pipe. These deliver up to 20,000 litres of water per minute. This results in savings up to a staggering 70% on electricity costs. Using this technology allows the swim spa to deliver a smoother flow of water without any white water waves.

Riptide Swim Spas Features | A6 Hot TubsSpecification:

  • Dimensions: 5900 x 2350 x 1540 mm
  • Water Volume: 9975 Litres
  • Power Required: 45 Amps
  • Insulation: R18 Full Foam
  • Side Skirt Insulation:
    • Double Aluminium Foil
    • 15mm High-Density Foam
  • Shell: 6-Layer Lucite Acrylic
  • Thermal Cover: Included


  • Control System: Gecko® K806
  • Heater Pack: Gecko® in.YE3 3kW
  • Swim Zone Pumps: 2x 3.5hp Inverter
  • Hydro jets: 35
  • Circulation Pump: 1x JA100 Circ Pump
  • Swim Jets: 4x 3” Turbo Jets
  • Swim Pipes: 3” Pipework
  • Filtration: Twin PureBlue Filters
  • Ozonator: 50mg with Mixing Chamber


  • Bluetooth Audio: Gecko® in.Stream 2
  • Speakers:
    • 4x Transducer Speakers
    • 1x High-Power Subwoofer
  • WiFi: Optional
  • Lighting: LED Perimeter Lighting
  • Water Features: 3x Roman Fountains

Optional Extras:

  • Wifi
  • Steps (varying options)
  • Hand Rails

Adaptive Flow Inverter Controls

Swimming on the spot is made possible due to resistance against a continuous strong and smooth water flow. With our patented Turbo Jets, combined with superior Japanese-made inverter system offering 10 speed variants for differing swim styles and abilities, Riptide has created the best home swimming experience available.

Riptide Inverter Power Usage | A6 Hot Tubs

Inverter technology lowers pump running costs by efficiently adjusting the motor speed. Unlike traditional pumps that operate at a fixed speed, inverter-driven pumps match the demand by varying the motor speed. This eliminates energy wastage, resulting in significant cost savings. Moreover, by reducing wear and tear, inverter technology extends the pump’s lifespan, minimising maintenance expenses.

The Riptide Quality

Tough Construction

Engineered with a super strong galvanised steel frame that supports all sides of the Easylife swim spa and stops flex and stress on the shell. All welds are treated with multi-stage protection.

Pro Bearingless Jets

Riptide jets spin on a floating stainless steel shaft, meaning no bearings to clog or fail. They are self-cleaning, so they will never need maintenance and will never stop spinning.

Weatherproof Cabinet

Made from UV-protected synthetic timber, needing no oiling or sanding. Easy maintenance – just spray the cabinet with a hose if dirty.

Supreme Filtration

Huge 100 square foot, the 2-cartridge system maximises filtration efficiency and water clarity. Our larger system also means you won’t need to clean your filters as often. Anti-microbial blue filters means fewer chemicals are needed.

Award Winning R18 Plus Insulation

The Riptide Easylife swim spas series features the award-winning R18 plus insulation. Awarded the 2022 energy efficiency eco award and WhatSpa approved. This full foam insulation will keep heat inside the tub, meaning far less heating and a vast cost saving – head and shoulds above standard swim spas and exercise pools. If you’re looking for a luxurious swimming experience that is efficient to run, nothing else will come close.

R18 Insulation Infographic | A6 Hot Tubs

What’s Included?

✓ FREE Pre-Delivery Site Survey (worth £350) – Local Only
✓ FREE Insulated Top Cover (worth £600)
✓ FREE Full Out Winter Bag (worth £249)
✓ FREE Starter Chemicals (worth £47)

Warranty Information:

Oasis Swim Spa Warranty Icons | A6 Hot Tubs

Warranty: 15 years frame structure | 5 years NO leak shell | 3 years surface | 4 years components | 2 years working electrical components | 2 years simulated wood | 1 year pillows, cover, ozone

View Full Oasis Warranty Here

Delivery is not included in the price. There will be an added fee for craning, positioning and set-up. Please contact us if you’d like more information.

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