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Whether you’ve owned a hot tub before or this is your first time, it’s always great to learn new tips to help you get the best out of your hot tub. Here you will find a collection of ideas and inspiration to help you enjoy your tub all year round whilst keeping it in tip-top condition.

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What’s the difference between a 13amp Hot Tub and 32amp Hot Tub and does it really matter?

What’s the difference between a 13amp Hot Tub and 32amp Hot Tub and does it really matter? For some there is no option, a 13amp hot tub is all they can get due to current electrics. Is it worth paying the extra and upgrading the electrics to a 32amp supply, what are the advantages?

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Thames 5 Seater Hot Tub | A6 Hot Tubs

How much does it cost to run a hot tub?

How much it costs to run a hot tub can be impacted by various factors, below we discuss what affects the running costs of a hot tub and why:

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Top 5 Hot Tub Accessories

Having a hot tub is great, it can quickly become a focal point for all occasions such as family time, birthdays or simply just a place to unwind in the evenings. With these top 5 hot tub accessories you’ll be able to turn every hot tub dip into the ultimate experience, whether its for a party or for you time.

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20 Hot Tub Top Tips

20 Hot Tub Top Tips to keep your hot tub in perfect condition, tips to help you save money and ways to keep your tub wonderfully clean. We spoke to our head engineer and asked […]

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Top 10 Hot Tubs under £6k | A6 Hot Tubs

Our Top Ten Hot Tubs under £6k.

Top 10 hot tubs under £6k 2020 saw a huge increase in hot tub sales which has carried into the new year. This colossal increase led to a lack of parts and has caused some […]

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Hot tub chemical guide | A6 Hot Tubs

A beginner’s guide to hot tub maintenance

Understanding and creating a regular hot tub maintenance schedule is the key to hot tub longevity and maximum relaxation. If you keep on top of your water chemicals hopefully you will not encounter any unfortunate issues such as cloudy water and you will keep the internals of your tub in tip top condition.

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