A Guide to HSG282 Compliant Holiday Let Hot Tubs

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HSG282 Holiday Let Hot Tubs | A6 Hot Tubs

HSG282 Compliant Hot Tubs for Holiday Homes. Hot Tubs and Spas within the holiday home environment have become increasingly popular across the UK. Recent polls of customers have stated that guests expect a holiday home to have all the added luxuries which often includes a hot tub. This can offer a space where they can relax and unwind in the evenings, particularly if they are holidaying with children.

As an owner of a let property, like a holiday home/park, Airbnb, log cabin, etc, you may be considering investing in a hot tub or spa for your business. Changes in legislation mean that not all hot tubs are suitable for this environment.

In this read, we’ll show you the guidelines to consider when adding a hot tub to your business premises. We’ll also go through some facts about how a hot tub can increase your booking and revenue, along with guest satisfaction. After all, who doesn’t like relaxing with all the hydrotherapy benefits of hot tubs?

HSG282 Explanation, Advice & Recommendations

There are a few technical requirements for a hot tub to be considered HSG282 compliant. These factors All of these factors contribute to making the hot tub or spa safe for bathers in a commercial setting.

Firstly, the hot tub should be extremely durable. Certain aspects of domestic hot tubs such as headrests are not designed for the number of bathers that commercial hot tubs experience. This is due to dirt build-up accumulating behind them. Although they are a lovely feature you may also find that they wear away, crack and become unsightly and will need replacing regularly. Simplicity is best when it comes to commercial hot tubs as that means there is less to break and less to go wrong.

Another factor within this is the controls. HSG282 compliant hot tubs should have both a central control panel and auxiliary controls. This usually means locking some aspects of the control panel away from use for guests. This allows you to control the more technical aspects of the hot tub whilst still allowing guests to change the heat and jet control to how they desire.

Holiday Let Hot Tub | A6 Hot Tubs

Secondly, the hot tub must have an easy-to-drain mechanism. This can also be called a quick dump release. You’ll see these on HSG282 compliance hot tubs due to them needing to be completely drained in between different guest stays. This feature will help you drain and refill the hot tub between guest stays allowing a shorter turn over time. If you have guests staying for longer than 1 week, you’ll need to change the water during their stay. The guidelines suggest that the water is changed once a week or after each changeover, whichever is shortest.

Thirdly, the new HSG282 guidance recommends that your hot tub have a continuous supply of sanitiser either through a direct feed or through a dosing system, this will ensure your hot tub is continuously dosed correctly and will, therefore, protect your customers against bacteria and diseases. This is especially important due to the risk of Legionnaires Disease posed by hot tub water. This can have devastating consequences for your guests and can result in your holiday let home being fined or shut down.

Lastly, you should provide a training sheet for the occupiers of the rental property to ensure they are aware of how to maintain the hot tub whilst they oversee and use the model during their stay.

Although this may seem like a lot and potentially costly, the investment far outweighs the benefits of installing and using a hot tub within your let property.

Can a Hot Tub Increase Guest Bookings & Satisfaction?

Letting out your property, you may find the market competitive. With more and more people deciding to let their property on sites like Airbnb you may find that guests will flock in booking specific rentals. Guests look at amenities and luxuries offered within the property. One of the most commonly searched for terms on sites is a hot tub. With hot tubs providing a luxury amenity to guests we’ll look at the below 4 ways installing a HSG282 compliant hot tub can help your income grow.

Holiday Let Hot Tub | A6 Hot Tubs

Increased Revenue

Hot tubs in the UK are still quite uncommon, especially for people who aren’t based by the coast. Much of the general public use inflatable options like laz-y-spa in their own homes. While these are common commodities that can be packed away and used when needed, a solid hard-shell hot tub is seen as more of a luxury item. This is due to the extensive health and wellness benefits along with the ability to use them year-round. This means that they’re still seen, by many, as an amenity that makes a holiday special.

A couple of years ago, Airbnb did a study that showed that hosts with a hot tub at their property could increase their nightly price by £35. This drastic increase in revenue can help greatly when added up over a busy season.

Increase Occupancy Rate

As well as an increased revenue for each night you can also find that a hot tub will increase the rate at which your property is booked. A hot tub can make your property look more attractive for events like birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day. Catering to couples who are looking for relaxation time.

Perhaps more importantly though, hot tubs are known to increase occupancy rates throughout the year. If your property consistently books well through the summer, then a hot tub is a fantastic way to help extend your booking season. With poorer weather and fewer attractions in the winter months, guests can still spend their time relaxing in the soothing bubbles of a hot tub.

This also means that you won’t only be catering to those looking for somewhere close to chosen place/event, but you’ll also welcome guests looking for some privacy and a tranquil retreat. Winter months and cold nights will also see guests spending atmospheric evenings in the hot looking up at the stars.

• In the United Kingdom, 26% of luxury holiday travellers cited “hot tubs” as the most important amenity in their accommodation.
• 46% of people count “hot tubs” as the most romantic feature of a hotel stay.
• By some reports, more than 53% of people that choose log cabins, glamping, camping sites, and lodges, look for hot tubs as an essential amenity.
• Holiday rental properties with a hot tub perform up to 54% better than those which do not.

The research… UK Independent Travelers

Increase Stay Duration

Longer stays are generally preferred in any let property. This is due to the reduced admin that is required. A longer stay in a property means less time and money cleaning in between guests and communicating with guests prior to arrival. The time and money for cleaning and communication can quickly rack up over time. So having longer stays will decrease your overhead costs.

According to Airbnb, “guests who stay in homes with Airbnb amenities such as a hot tub or pool typically book for longer durations than those without.”

You’ll also find that people looking for longer stays will be swayed by luxury amenities like a hot tub. Your guest may still be working or doing other things and looking for a way to relax in the property at the end of the day. A hot tub can really add to your guests’ satisfaction here, offering them a place and time to escape and relax.

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Increased Satisfaction & Reviews

Word of mouth is king. And in today’s society, online reviews make or break businesses. Having a higher review score leads to more visibility and more customers. This is especially prevalent on sites like Airbnb. In fact, 84% of people trust online reviews, making them as important as physical word of mouth.

With websites filtering results for properties using price and star rating. A great way to increase this score if offering a luxury element like a hot tub. Allowing your guests to relax and enjoy a soak in the hot bubbly water can ensure they’re getting the most out of their stay with you. A hot tub can be a relatively cheap cost for all these increased benefits.

How Much Does A HSG282 Holiday Let Hot Tubs Cost?

A holiday let HSG complaint hot tub will cost you around £4,500 – £6,000. When looking to buy a holiday let hot tub it’s important to choose a reputable hot tub retailer. We have more than 25 years of experience in the water leisure industry. Whether you’re looking for a HSG282 compliant hot tub or a bespoke spa we can help you with this. We’re always here to help and guide you through compliance with using a hot tub within a holiday home.

Below are our 2023 HSG282 complaint hot tubs. Including the SB344S, which has won a WhatSpa Best Buy Award, 3 years in a row. Please see the attached models for more detailed information on each hot tub.

We do also supply wood-fired hot tubs. These can be a great advantage to any holiday home or holiday park that wants to break from the norm and offer something different to their guests. If you’d like to know more about our alternative hot tub options like wood-fired hot tubs please contact us.


Going through all of the information presented in the article, it isn’t hard to see why installing an HSG282 complaint hot tub can make a big difference to your property. An initial spend of a few thousand pounds can increase your revenue, occupancy rate, stay duration, and guest feedback. These factors can help you push your property into the desired place for a family or group getaway.

If you’re interested in taking the next steps to level up your holiday let property contact us today. One of our team members can help you choose the right hot tub for you. We’ll help guide you through what is needed for HSG282 compliance and find the perfect hot tub to fit your property aesthetics. Our BISHTA-approved team of engineers can help you with installation and expert aftercare to help you with the technicalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a HSG282 complaint hot tub?

Any hot tub being used within a holiday let property like Airbnb should be compliant with HSG282 guidelines. These guidelines make it safe for guests to use and enjoy the hot tub.

Do you need planning permission to install a hot tub?

Usually, there is no need for planning permission for a domestic temporary/moveable hot tub or swim spa. However, if you live in a conservation area or a listed property, we would advise seeking confirmation from your local authority.

How often do you need to change water in a hot tub Airbnb?

For a hot tub within a let property like Airbnb, the water must be changed within different guest stays or within a week of use, whichever comes first.