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Are Heat Pumps Worth It for Hot Tubs? | A6 Hot Tubs

Are Heat Pumps Worth It for Hot Tubs?

Air source heat pumps have recently started making their way into the hot tub industry due to rising electrical costs. However, it goes further than that, they also reduce the environmental impact of running a hot tub.

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Cost of running a hot tub in 2023 | A6 Hot Tubs

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Hot Tub In 2023?

We’ve scoured our knowledge to work out how much you can expect to spend running a hot tub in your home in 2023. We’ve also compiled some short tips on how to cut some running costs on your hot tub.

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HSG282 Holiday Let Hot Tubs | A6 Hot Tubs

A Guide to HSG282 Compliant Holiday Let Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs and Spas within the holiday home environment have become increasingly popular across the UK. Recent polls of customers have stated that guests expect a holiday home to have all the added luxuries which often includes a hot tub.

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Inflatable Vs Hard Shell Hot Tubs | A6 Hot Tubs

Inflatable Vs Hard Shell Hot Tubs

There are many reasons people are trading in their inflatable hot tubs for permanent and solid models. We’ll be going through some of the pros and cons of each type of hot tub.

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Thames 5 Seater Hot Tub | A6 Hot Tubs

How much does it cost to run a hot tub?

How much it costs to run a hot tub can be impacted by various factors, below we discuss what affects the running costs of a hot tub and why:

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Top 10 Hot Tubs under £6k | A6 Hot Tubs

Our Top Ten Hot Tubs under £6k.

Top 10 hot tubs under £6k 2020 saw a huge increase in hot tub sales which has carried into the new year. This colossal increase led to a lack of parts and has caused some […]

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