How Long Will My New Hot Tub Last?

Monday, 06th Mar 2023 in Uncategorised
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If you’re looking for a hot tub then you’ve probably, like most savvy buyers been researching brands to find the best option for your needs. With an abundance of options available from when buying a hot tub, this can be overwhelming to most people. Whether it’s a question of buying a smaller hot tub or a larger family-sized party tub, or navigating the Amp requirements of a hot tub. It’s a lot to get your head around. A question we commonly see is about how long you can expect your hot tub to last before you need to replace it.

A new hot tub can last 5-20 years or more. Cheaper hot tubs usually produced with lower-quality materials typically don’t last long. When these tubs are poorly maintained they may not last more than 5 years. A quality-built hot tub, that is strongly maintained can last you more than 20 years. Essentially, a hot tub’s life span is dependent on two things and that is quality and maintenance.

Buying a High-Quality Hot Tub

You typically see the rule that a larger initial investment will see a greater return. A cheaper hot tub with a low-quality build and materials won’t last as long as a high-quality built tub. It will cost more in maintenance with money for possible error codes, fault finds, and repairs. With a greater initial spend, you can get a tub that has a quality built structure and better parts.

With our range of hot tubs, we only offer quality. We are BISHTA members and Whatspa Approved and work to high standards. Whether you’re looking for the most energy-efficient models around or Canadian/American-produced hot tubs, we have you covered. We also offer expert aftercare and guidance. We’ll help you get your head around using chemicals and ensuring your water is safe to bathe in

Maintaining Your New Hot Tub

When budgeting for a new hot tub it’s important to factor in how much you’ll want to spend on care. Good maintenance of your tub can extend the time it lasts. Hot tubs have many plastic and metal pieces in their body. All these pieces constantly come into contact with chemicals in the water of your tub and are usually the first things to experience wear and tear. It’s important to clean and wipe these exposed elements regularly.

The best time to ensure this is done is when you drain your tub. Before refilling it with fresh water you can simply clean these while you can get to them. You can also look after the shell of your tub at this time and remove any biofilm or contaminants like leaves that have gotten into the water.

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You can maintain your tub yourself or get a professional to do it. Here at A6, we offer servicing packages to keep your tubs in top-notch condition. View a breakdown of professional hot tub service packages here. Proper care along with period repairs are a smart investment.

Get in touch today to find out how our experts can help you.

The At-Home Aftercare

Most hot tubs will come with an owner’s manual. This is usually an overlooked element when your new hot tub arrives. After you’ve jumped in for the first we’d recommend giving this a read-through. It’ll usually provide you with details on how best to care for all the parts inside the model. It’s important to care for all the components in your hot tub like the heater, pump, insulation, piping, and jets. All of these elements come together to create an enjoyable hydrotherapy experience for bathers. Looking after these parts properly will make your hot tub last longer and cut down the need to pay for any faults that may occur.

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When looking for your tub make sure to invest in quality along with regular care and maintenance. When you then have your tub enjoy all the benefits it brings and ensure your maintenance plan is providing you those benefits for as long as possible. So find the perfect tub for you to sit back and relax in.

Hot Tub Life Span FAQs

How long will my hot tub cover last?

Your hot tub cover should last you around 5 years when maintained correctly. Covers can often get water logged and damaged meaning they’re not as efficient as they were when new. We offer cover repairs and fixes. We also have a wide range of bespoke covers available if it needs to be replaced.

Do I need to get my hot tub professionally serviced?

Although not essential regular professional services and maintenance on your tub will ensure it lasts as long as possible. A professional hot tub service with us means that your hot tub will receive a health check along with a biofilm removal and flush though following a drain down. Keeping your tub in peak condition.