How to save energy this winter on your hot tub usage

Wednesday, 14th Sep 2022 in Tips
snow covered winter hot tub

We know that running your hot tub through the winter months this year can be quite a concern. I’m here to talk about the ways to keep your machine running this winter at the lowest possible cost.
Many people want the use of their hot tubs all year round. After all, why give up the health benefit during the winter, especially when you’ll need it most to ease those cold weather aches and pains? There are many cost-effective ways to do this. Thermal hot tub covers are also a good option for making your machine more energy efficient.

Covers & Insulation:

The most direct way to keep down the running cost for your hot tub during these winter months is to invest in a good way to keep the heat in. There are many options for doing this. Firstly, check your hot tub is insulated or even add more insulation to the machine. You can use a combination of methods for this. Foam or fiberglass panels are always good options, or alternatively rolled fiberglass or spray-on foam. These will all increase how energy efficient your machine is.
Speaking of insulation, a must-have insulating accessory is a good cover. A hot tub cover is the best thing for retaining the heat in your hot tub. If your hot tub cover is getting heavy and waterlogged it will also be much less effective. We’d recommend checking over your cover this winter to see if an upgrade or replacement is needed, as this could save in the long run. Although your cover may come as standard, it’s important to make sure your cover fits well and it free from any gaps or tears.

hot tub cover | A6 Hot Tubs

Windbreaks and Surrounds:

Protecting your machine from the elements is important for making your system as energy efficient as possible. Having windbreaks and surrounds is a simple way to protect and further insulate your hot tub. There are mobile, short-term, options for this as well as long-term, fixed options. Fixed surrounds or enclosures can also help your system year-round and can be quite the eye-catching design feature in your home.

hot tub enclosure

Maintenance & “finding the right setting”

Maintaining the whole machine and the insulation will also help keep down those winter month energy bills. Checking your system’s filter and pump converter can be beneficial. If your hot tub has any signs of wear and tear or it isn’t running smoothly, then you could be using more energy to run the system.
Keeping the water in your tub hot is much more economical than heating it from scratch every time. This will have a dramatic impact on the running costs you see. It’s also important to find the right resting temperature for your hot tub. If you’re only using your system during the weekends, you can lower the temperature during the weekdays while the tub isn’t in use. Most systems will give you the option to set up timers to action this too. Meaning your hot tub could heat itself to your perfect temperature ready for the times you want to use it.