Our Top Ten Hot Tubs under £6k.

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Top 10 Hot Tubs under £6k | A6 Hot Tubs

Top 10 hot tubs under £6k

2020 saw a huge increase in hot tub sales which has carried into the new year. This colossal increase led to a lack of parts and has caused some significant price increases in the industry.

No longer can you purchase a 4 seater 1 lounger for around the £4.5k mark and if you can I would be contemplating the build and parts.

This huge increase has predominantly been caused by the container charged being levied across the globe, the container charge on a single hot tub has increased by nearly £500 since January 2020.

These price changes are working their way down the chain and with additional expenses due to component costs, it is not surprising that you will now struggle to find a hot tub at the price point of £4.5k.

A6 hot tubs supply spas from all over the world including America and China with Balboa and Gecko controls. Most hot tubs around the £4.5k mark come from China. When buying a hot tub you should look out for some key components to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

Look out for:

Balboa controls

Balboa heaters

LX pumps

American or Aristech acrylic

Most importantly – good customer service and a company that will look after you.

Our top ten hot tubs under £6000

The Starburst

The Starburst 5 Person Hot Tub

The Thames

The Thames 5 Person Hot Tub

The Severn

The Severn 6 Person Hot Tub


The Lea 5 Person Hot Tub

The Happy

The Happy 5 Person Hot Tub

The Nith

The Nith 3 Person Hot Tub

The Teme

The Teme  5 Person Hot Tub

Big Ez

The Big EZ 7 Person Hot Tub

Cababa suite 2500L

The Cabana Suite 4 Person Hot Tub

Dream 600L

The 600L 6 Person Hot Tub