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Our Hot Tub Service, Maintenance & Repairs will safeguard your investment and enable any minor problems to be rectified before larger expensive problems occur. It is recommended that a hot tub or spa service be carried out once a quarter in accordance with BISHTA safety legislation and guidelines. Let us help you keep your hot tub or spa sparkling clean and in perfect working order.

Regular maintenance ensures the hot tub is clean not only where you can see but also where you can’t. Our trained expert and experienced Hot tub Technicians are available to carry out all types of work on your Hot tub. From New to 15 years old and beyond, From Error code rectification to full Leak analysis and repairs. We will get your Hot tub back on track in no time.

We provide a wide range of services but if you can not find what you are looking for please contact us to discuss your needs. Offering management to both domestic and commercial spas and hot tubs, along with water analysis, deep cleaning, fault finding, replacement parts, and much more. We have 3 one-off service packages that we offer as detailed below.

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Fault Find Service

This option is ideal for any error codes or common breakdown whilst in normal use. If your hot tub is making a noise or not circulating the water properly this will also be the package for you. Our BISHTA-trained engineers can investigate your hot tub and report any issues they find. Many issues can be fixed on-site while attending. If the problem requires a replacement part like a heater or pump, we can quote for a new part and replace and refit.

What’s included:

  • BISHTA Approved Engineer
  • Normally fixed on-site dependent on fault.
  • Test and inspect equipment for faults and advise
  • Faults reported
  • Filtration system inspection and test
  • Water analysis and test Water Balancing
  • Carry out Electrical Loadings test and Control Panel Inspection and test
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Hot Tub Hibernate & Re-Commission

A hibernate or re-commission is an ideal option for opening or closing down your hot tub seasonally. You’ll often see a hot tub owner close down and drain their tub for the winter, followed by a re-commission in the spring ready for summer use. With this package, we ensure the tub is closed down with a health check and cleaned through. This means that you won’t get any nasty surprises when spring comes around. For opening the tub in the spring we’ll again clean the tub removing any build-up or biofilm and then refill and commission your tub, making sure it’s ready to be used for the hot weather.

What’s Included:

  • BISHTA Approved Engineer
  • 65 Point Health Check
  • Faults reported
  • Carry out Biofilm Removal and System Flush.
  • Water drain
  • Interior shell jet wash clean and polish
  • Hard cover clean & Protect (jet wash seams, joints, hinges, and treat cover)
  • Cabinet clean including control points and screen
  • Jet wash the external tub and steps
  • Tub refill and commission (For recommissions)
  • Water analysis and test
  • Water Conditioning, Energising, and Clarification
  • Carry out Shock Chlorination and water balancing
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Platinum Service

This is a full-service option. It’s ideal if you’re using your hot tub year round and need a freshen-up of your tub. With a full health check, clean down, drain down, and refill you can’t go wrong. We’ll also test your water to ensure there is nothing harmful hiding away, keeping you and other bathers safe.

What’s included:

  • BISHTA Approved Engineer
  • 80 Point Health Check
  • Full Internal Inspection & Faults Reported
  • Electrical loadings test
  • Control Panel Inspection and test
  • Access area and equipment clean
  • Carry out Biofilm Removal and System Flush.
  • Interior shell jet wash clean and polish
  • Hard cover clean & protect (including jet wash of seams, joints and hinges)
  • Jet wash Cabinet & Steps clean
  • Tub refill and commission
  • Water analysis & test, then water drain
  • Water Conditioning, Energising and Clarification
  • Carry out Shock Chlorination and water balancing
  • Full operational test and final inspection.

“Many thanks again for all your advice and help. From now on we will be able to enjoy the benefits of owning a spa rather than problems associated with it.”

Satisfied customer in Bedfordshire

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When discussing maintenance you should remember that hot tub and spa covers usually last around 5 years when maintained correctly. While frequently overlooked a cover is a big component in keeping your hot tub clean, safe, and energy efficient. We offer cover and cover lifter repairs and fixes, and we will endeavor to fix your cover quickly and efficiently, but if a new cover is required we have a fantastic range of bespoke covers at excellent prices.

Why Choose Us?

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At A6 Hot Tubs, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality services at the most competitive prices. Our technicians are certified and experienced in servicing all hot tubs of any make and model, so you can trust us to get the job done right.

We offer regular hot tub service, maintenance, annual servicing, repairs, and replacements. Our prices are competitive, so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best value for your money.

We also offer a variety of products and spares to help you maintain your spa or hot tub on your own, including chemicals, filters, covers, blowers, pumps, and accessories. We even have Canadian Spa parts available to purchase online, so you can easily get the parts you need to keep your spa running smoothly.

Professional Hot Tub Service & Maintenance FAQs

Why will my hot tub not stay hot?

There are numerous reasons why a hot tub is not heating up such as a faulty heater, circulation pump, broken thermostat or there is not enough water in the hot tub. If your heater can only heat the water when the hot tub is not in use then it could be that you need a larger heater, also many spas turn the heater off when the jet pumps run. Consult with your supplier or seek advice if your heater is not working properly.

I have frozen hot tub pipes, what can I do?

Sometimes we get caught out by a sudden cold front and the hot tub freezes, unfortunately, this may not be good news as the water expands when frozen and this can cause cracks in the shell and pipework. Wait until the water thaws and test the tub for leaks. During cold months we recommend either keeping the heater on or decommissioning it.

How do you stop hot tub leaks?

Even the best hot tubs in the world occasionally get leaks, hire a professional who will run a leak test and hopefully quickly and easily identify and fix your leak.