Tips & Tricks For Cutting Hot Tub Running Costs

Friday, 04th Nov 2022 in Tips
Cutting Hot Tub Running Costs Feature Image | A6 Hot Tubs

We’ve compiled these ways to keep your Hot Tub or Spa running as economically as possible this winter. Have a read as you may save yourself some money.

Firstly, If you’re about to take the plunge into becoming a hot tub owner or you’re looking to upgrade then this one is for you! 

We’d recommend buying a hot tub of a suitable size for how you intend to use it. For example, if you are only going to have 2 people regularly using the hot tub at a single time then a smaller model would be appropriate. Buying a 6+ seater will only mean having a greater water consumption and having to pay to heat a larger amount of water for use. Other than the size of the hot tub you’ll also want to consider other aspects of the model. These would be how well the hot tub is insulated and the quality of the manufacturing. Better insulation means that the model will retain more heat, effectively giving the heater less work. A poorly insulated model can cause your heater to work twice as hard. Costing you more on your monthly running costs. 

A major consideration to take into account is the option of an air-source heat pump or heat exchanger. These products have grown in popularity over recent years and help heat the water in the machine. It’s been shown that higher-end models can reduce the running costs on your machine by up to 80%. This depends on the rating and efficiency of the heat pump. This option will be an initially larger cost but will be a long-term investment to drive down your running costs over a longer period. 

If you have any questions about your model and how eco-friendly it is then the best person to ask is the supplier you got the model from. 

Secondly, being proactive is better than being reactive! 

This segment is all about how strong maintenance can keep down your costs.

  • A key element of this is keeping a constant temperature in your machine. The best way to do this is to keep a running temperature a few degrees below your desired temp when using your tub. This means you use less energy to heat the tub for use. As said above you can ask your supplier for advice on what temperature to keep your model at while it’s not in use or you’re away. 
  • An aspect sometimes missed is closing your air controls when not in use. Without doing this you can be feeding cold air into the water, which makes it harder to heat up ready for use. 
  • Maintaining good PH and sanitiser levels can be a real lifesaver. After all, you won’t need to save your water with shock treatments and other care products if your water is well maintained. 
  • You can also add some things to your maintenance routine depending on your location. If you’re in a hard water area then you should try using a scale inhibitor once a week. This will reduce the chance of developing calcium deposits in your machine. The heating elements in your hot tub work the same way a kettle would, and will build up scale, especially in hard water areas. 

Lastly, the usual reminders from us.

As we’ve mentioned many times before. It’s important to keep your cover in good condition. Make sure all the straps and fitting on your cover are in good condition. Leaving air gaps will let the heat escape and will make a sizeable difference in your heating costs. It’s also important to ensure your cover is not water-logged. This will also affect its efficiency. If you have trouble with high winds and storms then it may good be a good idea to invest in storm straps for your cover. Another good help is a cover lifter which can also secure your cover for undesirable weather.