Top 5 Hot Tub Accessories

Tuesday, 25th May 2021 in Tips
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Our Top 5 Hot Tub Accessories

Having a hot tub is great, it can quickly become a focal point for all occasions such as family time, birthdays or simply just a place to unwind in the evenings.

With these top 5 hot tub accessories you’ll be able to turn every hot tub dip into the ultimate experience, whether its for a party or for you time.

Plastic Drinks Glasses:

What party doesn’t have drinks, even the solo ones? But glass is a big no-no in a hot tub, a breakage would not be dangerous for bathers but it could be potentially catastrophic for your hot tub such as scratched surfaces, damaged filters, and damaged pumps. Tiny bits of glass may also be very difficult to completely remove even after a complete drain down, making it very difficult to be completely safe in your tub again.

There are numerous hot tub-safe glasses on the market, however, these glasses by Life have been designed with hot tubs in mind and are therefore recommended.

Hot Tub Champagne Flutes | A6 Hot Tubs

Various games

Why not add another level of fun to your hot tub time with an assortment of games from waterproof cards to floating chess. Imagine unwinding under the stars with your friends and enjoying a card game, but be warned you may lose track of time and end up quite a prune.

Towel Rack

Now, this may seem silly but a conveniently placed towel rack can mean the difference between a great hot tub experience and a chilly one. Imagine you’ve just spent a wonderful 30 minutes in your tub, you’re relaxed and warm but now it’s time to get out, unfortunately, your towel has slipped off the side of the hot tub and it’s now cold and wet, no one wants to wrap that around themselves. Simply get a little towel rack and pop it nearby to keep those towels safe and dry, you may even want to invest in a toweling robe for the ultimate in after tub luxury.

Outdoor Heater

An outdoor heater may seem excessive but during the winter months when its very cold outside a wonderful outside heater will help to keep the chill off after you have used the tub and you are getting ready to go inside (remember you will need to add chemicals and put the cover on after use). Another way to keep warm during those colder months I s to invest in a good bobble hat. By keeping the top of your head warm your body doesn’t lose heat so quickly and you stay warmer for longer even when it comes to getting out.

Hot Tub in the Snow


A projector will turn your hot tub experience into a superb one, gather your friends and family sit back, and watch your favourite film, match, or music videos. Create the atmosphere you want in your perfect space with those you love. Projectors vary in quality and price, check out helpful guides from Which? And look at the most reviewed on Amazon to find the perfect one.