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The Hot Tub Fault finder


  • Full access to all panels
  • The hot tub is to be full and have a power supply

What is included:

  • BISHTA Approved Engineer
  • Test and inspect equipment for faults and advise
  • Faults reported
  • Filtration system inspection and test
  • Water analysis and test Water Balancing
  • Carry out Electrical Loadings test and Control Panel Inspection and test


Unfortunately from time to time, something may happen to your beloved hot tub, sometimes it’s an obvious leak or a pump has failed. However, sometimes it is a little bit more complicated and not so easy to spot which is why we designed our Hot Tub Fault Finder service. There is no time limit, we will be there until we find the problem. If we can solve it then and there, then we will but more often than not larger parts are required. If this is the case we will quote for the parts and labour and get this organised as soon as possible, we know how important hot tub time is.


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a6 hot tubs


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