Darlly SaniStream In-Line Pod


  • For use with all Sanistream Spa Filters.
  • Fully controllable output. Watertight.
  • Bayonet Fitting.
  • Supplied Empty.
  • Can hold 5-6 Chlorine or Bromine Tablets


Upgrade your spa water maintenance with the Darlly SaniStream In-Line Pod featuring the innovative SpaPod Dispenser. Designed to be fit seamlessly in the center void of any SaniStream filter cartridge, the pod filter system will ensure continuous in-line dosing whenever your spa is in a filter cycle or being used.

Experience the convenience of continuous dosing for a spa that’s always ready for relaxation and HSG282 compliant making it perfect for holiday let hot rubbing! It’s the ultimate solution for hassle-free water care in your spa.

Key Features:

  • Direct In-Line Dosing: SaniStream’s revolutionary system provides direct and continuous dosing whenever your spa is in a filter cycle or in use, ensuring optimal water quality effortlessly. The pod is watertight with a bayonet fitting making it fully controllable by you.
  • Universal Compatibility: The SaniStream Filter SpaPod Dispenser is compatible with ALL SaniStream Filters, accommodating both Chlorine and Bromine Tablets for convenient in-line dosing.
  • Easy to Use and Reload: The SpaPod Dispenser is user-friendly, making it a breeze to reload and maintain. Specifically crafted for use with 20g tablets, making it easy to maintain and control the sanitiser dose for your hot tub or swim spa water. Can hold 5-6 Chlorine or Bromine tablets.
  • HSG282 Compliant: Rest easy knowing that the SaniStream Direct Line Filtration System and SpaPod Dispenser comply with HSG282 standards for spa water management.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Unscrew the filter head from the filter.
  2. Attach the SpaPod to the inside of the filter.
  3. Screw back the filter head securely.
  4. Top up tablets as and when required.

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