Quick Tips For Hot Tub Care In The Snow

Friday, 10th Mar 2023 in Uncategorised
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How do I look after my hot tub in the snow?

When it snows your tub may need some extra maintenance and care. We’re always asked by customers how to look after their hot tubs in the snow. If you’re one of the many people who prefer using their hot tub in the colder months, then you may be concerned about snow. When you see snowfall, follow these quick pointers we have on actions you can take to prevent any damage from occurring.

1. Sweep Off Your Hot Tub Cover

This is a quick action you can take to prevent your hot tub cover from being damaged by extra weight from the snow. A thermal cover is one of the most important accessories for any hot tub and keeps the tubs interior acrylic and water safe from the elements. Having snow build up on your tub can damage your cover and runs the risk of misshaping the structure. This can expose your tub to snow and other contaminants. So it’s important to brush off any large deposits of snow when you see them.

2. Check Your Heat Pump Isn’t Snowed Under

If you have a heat pump installed to make your tub more energy efficient then this is the most important point for you. The heat pump will replace the internal heating element in the hot tub. So if this isn’t working you’re tub has no heat circulating through it and the water. When water freezes it will expand, and this happening to the pipes in a hot tub can lead to the pipes bursting. This can then damage more of the internal structure when water leaks from these pipes. This is especially relevant if your hot tubs insulation and build aren’t modern. More modern heat pumps will automatically melt snow and ice and work through heavy weather. When purchasing one it’s important to ask if this is a feature in your heat pump.

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The best way to check your heat pump is still okay is to check the intakes. A snow build-up can block the fans and stop any air from getting into the pump. If it snows it’s best to regularly check the intake and fans. You can simply brush off the snow where any build-up occurs. Keeping the fans clear will stop any unwanted surprises with the water temperature.

3. Don’t Let Any Water Freeze In Your Tub

We previously spoke about the dangers of water freezing in the pipework. This isn’t only a concern when you have a heat pump. When the temperature drops it’s a good idea to check the water and what temperature your tub is set to. If your tub has been hibernated by a professional for the winter then you should be fine when the snow hits. When draining down a tub it’s always hard to remove all the water inside. Especially any water that may be hiding in the internal pipework of the model. And water that freezes in the tub can damage the acrylic and internal structure. We recommend that you thoroughly dry the interior of the tub if you know snow is on the way.

If any water has frozen in your tub then it’s important to contact a professional to help or leave the hot tub alone until it’s fully defrosted. Turning your tub on while water is frozen in the tub can cause damage by building up pressure from the pump or heat from the heater. We’ve seen damage like this before and we recommend leaving the tub as best you can. The last thing you want to do is damage the acrylic or internal structure and have to buy a replacement.

4. Remove Filters From The Hot Tub

This is a main concern if you’re tub is empty or has been recently drained down. The filters will hold onto moisture from the water and you don’t want these to freeze. It’s best to remove these and take them inside to the warmth before any cold weather hits. This will allow them to dry off and be ready for use again when you’re ready to jump in your hot tub.

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Taking these precautions can save you a headache with your hot tub. So if the snow is coming down these are some small pointers that can save you time and money down the line. If you’re using your tub in the snow then enjoy all the benefits and relief from any winter pains and aches.

Care Tips FAQs

I have frozen hot tub pipes, what can I do?

Sometimes we get caught out by a sudden cold front and the hot tub freezes, unfortunately, this may not be good news as the water expands when frozen and this can cause cracks in the shell and pipework. Wait until the water thaws and test the tub for leaks. During cold months we recommend either keeping the heater on or decommissioning it.